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How To Prepare Your Home For A Pest Control Service

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With a recent upswing in reports of bedbug infestations across Florida, there is a need to educate the public on how critical it is to deal with a pest problem, as well as how important it is to prepare your home for extermination. Communities of elderly citizens are particularly hard hit, as they find it difficult not only to pinpoint the cause of the problem, but they have difficulty preparing their homes and living communities adequately for a pest control service. Little do they realize that the primary responsibility for prepping should not be theirs alone; any reputable pest control service that provides comprehensive treatment offers preparation and clean up service as well.

Infestations Can Quickly Spiral Out Of Control

The growing problem of bedbug infestation is due to a population that is growing increasingly resistant to traditional extermination methods in addition to environmental factors that make it difficult to eradicate entire bedbug colonies.

  • Adult day care centers, apartment buildings, and assisted living facilities for the elderly are very tight-knit communities where common areas and even transportation are shared by many. Pinpointing the cause and origin of an infestation becomes very difficult in large buildings like these, making an infestation very hard to remove entirely.

  • Homes that contain donated or thrift store items are at risk for infestation as well, as the used fabrics, home items, and furniture are not necessarily pest free when you bring them into your environment.

  • Some people view bedbug infestation as an indication that their standard of living is “subpar” or unclean. For that reason, when buying and selling items, or even renting and moving from place to place, they are hesitant to disclose issues with bedbugs or other pests. This causes problems for new and existing tenants, some of whom cycle through infestation after infestation. Over time, this repeated exposure to bedbugs and their nasty nighttime habits causes physical, mental, and emotional distress as they seek to find relief from these pesky visitors.

  • People with pest control problems do not know how to adequately prepare for a pest control service, and the services themselves do very little to educate clients on what must be done before and after treatment to ensure that the problem is eradicated completely.

So, what then can be done to prepare for a pest control service to ensure that these unwelcome parasites are eliminated completely? Here are some things you may need to know about preparing your home for a proper extermination:

Deal with bedding, clothing, and linens

Remove and gather all bedding, linens, and clothing from the affected space. Wash and dry all linens and clothing in the hottest water possible, and dry on a high heat setting. After washing, place clean and dry items in storage bins with lids or seal in garbage bags as tightly as you can to prevent bugs from infesting clean linens.

Empty closets and drawers

Closets and drawers that have held these linens are most likely infested as well. Your pest control service will need access to these areas in order to perform their work effectively. Doing your part to clean the area and keep it accessible for treatment will aid in eradicating your bedbug issues.

Move objects if necessary

Pull all of your furniture away from walls and out of corners if you possibly can. Providing workspace for technicians in corners where bedbugs might seek solace will be key to eliminating them and preventing future infestations from occurring.

Deal with wooden furniture as well

Bookshelves, dressers, and nightstands that are made from wood are areas where bedbugs try to hide. Removing items from shelves and drawers will make it harder for these little hitchhikers to stay completely out of sight.

Get help if necessary

If you are not able to handle preparing your home or living space on your own, it’s time to ask for help from family and friends. Know your limits, and ask for help before you injure yourself or damage your personal items. Ask your pest control service if they provide preparation and follow up services, and take advantage of these services if possible. Dealing with pest control is a stressful time; you should get all the support you can.

Pest Preppers Is A Comprehensive Pest Control Service

With over twenty years of effective and lasting pest control services, Pest Preppers is the only company to trust for all of your pest elimination needs. Specializing in complete bedbug preparation, fumigation, and clean up, we stand by every job with confidence that your pest control problem will be eradicated. With our use of environmentally safe products and the “Italian Steamer,” we are a clear choice for all of your bedbug and pest elimination needs. If you are tired of your infestation situation, contact us today; we will tell those unwelcome visitors to take a hike! Visit for more information. A clean, pest-free home is in your future!

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