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How To Keep Pests Out When You're Living In Close Quarters?

Apartment Building

For many people, apartment and condominium living is the ultimate in style and convenience. All the comforts of home are at your fingertips, and you have minimal hassle with upkeep and repairs. In an ideal apartment or condo community, you also have access to top-notch community areas and amenities as well.

With no backyard to offer a gateway for pests, creepy crawly creatures, and other furry friends, it would seem that your pest control issues are behind you.

Wrong! Nothing could be further from the truth. Pest concerns and issues may be different for apartment complexes than they are for single-family homes, but the problem is still pervasive. Measures must be taken to avoid complete and total takeover of a structure. With people living in close proximity, the possibility of transient populations of pests becomes much greater as these unwelcome guests seek solace in the very walls between residences.

Fortunately, some precautions can be taken by those who live in close-knit communities to ensure that your living space stays uniquely yours. Follow these tips for a clean, pest-free dwelling, no matter how close your neighbors are:

Seal up all food

While your apartment is an attractive place all around for pests looking to make a home, by far the most compelling place is the kitchen. Any food that does not come in sealed containers becomes a free-for-all as bugs, and other rodents look for a stable food source to sustain them. All food should be stored in airtight, sealed containers. Drops and spills should be cleaned up as quickly as possible, and don’t forget pet food! This is just as attractive as the food and drinks that we consume; seal everything up tight, and pests might just pass you by.

Clean up standing water

Once the food is dealt with, it’s time to dry up the source of anything that pests might drink to stay alive. Drain and wipe down sinks, tubs, and showers thoroughly; roaches might be able to go for weeks without feeding, but they need water on a regular basis. Taking this source of sustenance away from all pests is insurance against their infiltration.

Patch up holes in walls, floors, and ceilings

Pests may seem to find hiding places easily, but that doesn’t mean you need to give them an open door through a hole in your apartment walls. Make sure that all seals around windows and doors remain airtight. If you find holes in flooring, walls, or ceiling, use some steel wool or some drywall patch to repair and lock your residence down once more. Regularly inspect your home for signs of disrepair, and report this to your maintenance technician for more detailed repair jobs. The more you can stay on top of caring for your home, the less likely it will be that you experience an infestation.

Clean away all clutter

Pests want the same thing you do at the end of a long day; a place to call “home.” Keep your home clean and clutter-free, and you’ll keep them at bay. When mail, clothing, and other belongings start to pile up on counter tops and in corners of closets, this becomes a breeding ground for an infestation to occur. Less clutter means less opportunity for gatherings to take place.

Bedbug proof your mattress

No pest is a welcome pest, but bedbugs have their special place in the notorious category for being almost impossible to get rid of. These nasty hitchhikers burrow into your mattress, wreaking havoc on your skin, your sleep, and your well-being. Protect yourself, your sleep cycle, and your mattress by zipping it up in a tight-fitting, bedbug proof mattress cover to keep them at bay and eradicate the ones that have managed to make it to your sleeping quarters.

Have an existing problem? Call in the professionals!

If you find that you have a troublesome pest infestation on your hands, the experts at Pest Preppers can help you to regain control of your home and your life. Dealing with the issues of pest infestation can be extremely stressful and physically harmful in some cases. Let the talented professionals at Pest Preppers handle your pest problem quickly and efficiently. We work with environmentally safe chemicals and time-tested methods to eliminate your problem--every time. There’s no more need to worry; contact us today for more information on how to regain control of your home. Visit for more details.


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