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The Multi-Billion Dollar Pest Control Industry Exposed

Person Spraying for Pests and Insects

When it comes to a pest infestation in your home, it can be pretty stressful to deal with the elimination of the problem, whether you attempt to handle it on your own or you call in professionals to help you. Slogging through yellow pages and asking for recommendations for qualified and reputable companies is the last thing on your mind---you just want the issue dealt with. The problem is, there are companies in the pest control industry that want to capitalize on the opportunity to take advantage of you at this stressful time. How can you know that you are hiring a reputable company to help you with your pest control problem so that they aren’t cleaning out your pocketbook as they are cleaning out your house?

Pest Infestation Causes Emotional Turmoil And Stress

Homeowners and business owners alike are quick to call the first pest control company they can find, for the stress and emotional turmoil of an infestation are too much to handle. Unfortunately, there are many pest control companies out there that attempt to take advantage of clients at this time by either overpromising what they can do, overcharging clients for services that are not needed, or failing to deliver results as promised. In the state of Florida alone, the pest control service is a multi-billion dollar industry, for companies know what to do to juice every dollar that they can from unsuspecting and vulnerable customers.

Dishonest Companies, Disgruntled Customers

In the days before pest control service contracts, companies would be hard pressed to get payment from dissatisfied clients or clients who simply couldn’t pay; services would then be withheld until payment was received. This type of arrangement tended not to work for a vendor or for a client, so the concept of a contract was created. Unfortunately, these contracts were abused by companies in an attempt to get additional money from clients who no longer needed services.

Large pest control corporations began offering an initial, very attractive discount for their services in exchange for entering a contract where clients would have to pay monthly for additional services and “maintenance” incurred. In the interest of making more money, companies would exaggerate the need for their services, continuing to charge customers for services long after they were no longer needed. Observant clients that began to notice that their credit cards were continuing to be charged long after the initial contract period ended, and when they attempted to call their service companies to rectify the ongoing problem, they were given little information to fix it. Companies with shady billing practices took their sweet time getting to these overage charges to correct them, with the end result being that customers had hundreds of dollars taken out of their accounts before illegal collection practices were stopped. Consumer reports publicize thousands upon thousands of complaints against these companies and their lack of integrity in billing practices, harassment with “upsells,” and marketing products and services that are not even needed. The fact that anyone can do business like this successfully is mind-boggling.

Finding Peace Of Mind With A Reputable Company

When faced with a stressful infestation problem, a homeowner looks to a pest control professional to accurately diagnose, treat, and eliminate the problem, much like a doctor would diagnose and then treat a health problem. When it becomes a matter of making money for the company rather than maintaining integrity and following proper business practices that foster trusting relationships between vendor and client, the result is a tarnished view of the entire pest control industry. Where are the companies that deliver quality service as promised?

Pest Preppers: Peace Of Mind, Quality Service, No Contracts!

At Pest Preppers, we are passionate about customer service and satisfaction. Our business model does not include long-term contracts, pre-paid services, or ongoing care without customer consent. We have a six-month warranty on all treatments at absolutely zero cost to you, our valued customers. No matter what your infestation problem, we can eliminate those pests that are causing you stress! With our unmatched superior service, comprehensive pre and post-treatment plans, and warranties on all of our work, we will get the job done. Visit for pest control done right!


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