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Pest Preppers is a labor of love for Jeffery McChesney. He is a native insect expert who has excelled at service technician work for pest, termite, bedbug and extreme insect control his whole life. Featured in many media outlets around the world, Jeffery continues to be one of the leading experts in the industry. 


Jeffery took an interest in pest control at a very young age because his father was an exterminator. It quickly became his passion and purpose to help others in their emotional time of need when they have the misfortune of an insect invasion. 


With a degree in fumigation from the University of Florida and a licensed pest control operator, his focus is on science-based results. He was a golden boy for one of the world's largest family-owned pest control company for almost a decade, earning him accolades for his knowledge and exceptional customer service.


He is known as the “Street Psychologist” for his ability to understand the emotions of insects and the treatment needed to eradicate them from his customer’s home. Jeffery is a superhero to his customers because he resolves their issues quickly and effectively, so they can get back to enjoying their bug free life! Jeffery’s mission for himself, and the entire Pest Prepper team, is to focus on helping families in their time of need to make their lives better. He has developed a motto which is “Killing bugs and giving hugs”. 

Jeffery McChesney Pest Preppers
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