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All pest control fumigations cannot legally take place until the items on the checklist provided have been completed correctly by the owner and/or tenant. Pest Preppers ensures that all your pest control operator requirements are met, as well as all the guidelines per product label specifications. Only Pest Preppers offers custom preparation for your home or office that is specific to your pest control treatment needs. Proper preparation is essential for your fumigation to be a success.

Our goal is that when the fumigation crew arrives at your structure, they are ready to do their job without any delays due to improper preparation on your part.

Fumigation and Termite Preparation

• Residential and Commercial 
• Complete Check List or Individual Need
• Refrigerated, Frozen and Dry Food Removal 
• Gas Shutoff and Turn On Coordination 
• Exterior Maintenance and Trim
• Repair and Contractor Referral 
• Licensed, Bonded and Insured

House Tented For Fumigation
Food Bagged Up For Termite Fumigation
Fumigation Preparation
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