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We Use The Latest Technology To Rid Your Home Of Bedbugs

Cimex Eradicator for Bed Bugs

No pest control problem is quite as unnerving as the thought of bedbug infestation. Due to their short breeding cycles, their large numbers of eggs in each cycle, and growing resistance to all types of pest control applications, the problem of bedbugs seems to be getting worse. It can take mere weeks for a few stray invaders to manifest into a full-blown infestation that is difficult to eradicate. Finding the right combination of experienced pest control professionals and cutting-edge fumigation techniques is essential to bring the situation under control.

What are bedbugs?

Bedbugs are small, nocturnal insects that thrive on blood. Though their given name suggests that they are contained in mattresses and bedding, they can also thrive in other areas such as furniture, walls, apartment and office buildings, dormitories, and anywhere that they can feed on human fluids. Although humans are their preferred host, they will also feed on other mammals if necessary.

What do bedbugs look like?

Fully mature bugs are just under a ¼ inch long, relatively flat, and have a light brown color. Newly hatched nymphs are almost translucent, almost invisible to the naked eye, and they are no bigger than a pinhead. Regardless of their size, they can cause physical discomfort and emotional distress if not taken care of properly. Their bites can be painful, inflammatory, and cause irritation and rashes that are quite uncomfortable.

How do bedbugs invade a space?

Unlike many of their crawly counterparts, bedbugs have to be introduced to an environment in order to manifest. They attach themselves to things like furniture, clothing, luggage, and other objects that are easily transported from place to place. Once in their new environment, they quickly take up residence where they determine they can get the most from their host.

How can I tell if I have a bed bug infestation?

There are warning signs you must look for to determine if you have been overrun with bedbugs:

  • Waking up with painful and irritating bites or welts covering the skin

  • Dark spotting or droplets found on bedding, indicating that bugs left a byproduct of their meal when feeding

  • Visible observation of the eggs, molted skin, or the insects themselves upon closer inspection

How We Can Help Rid Your Space Of Bedbugs

Pest Preppers uses an innovative combination of Cimex Eradicator and Aprehend products to perform the most comprehensive bedbug removal process in the United States. The Cimex Eradicator is an environmentally friendly method of pest control removal without the use of harmful insecticides. Even before, during and after treatment, surfaces are useable almost immediately, and the mixture of steam and HPMed can be dispensed with people present. Cimex’s thorough application of steam flow can be directed into the most difficult to reach nesting areas, resulting in comprehensive and complete pest removal.

Aprehend product is a revolutionary biopesticide that revolutionizes the bedbug removal process. Its safe, non-toxic, natural blend of ingredients used in combination with other pest control methods has proven to be not only safe for your home and the environment but incredibly effective as well.

Our unique combination of technology and products delivers fungal spores within the bedbug colony, where they continue to grow and be disbursed throughout bugs, eggs, and their environment. The spores germinate and penetrate the outer layer of the bug, killing it within 3-7 days. The entire colony is eradicated from the inside out.

Our services do not stop there, however. We offer a full range of preparation and clean up services, including steam cleaning, UV and heat vacuuming to clean up the colony once it has been eliminated, leaving your environment clean and sanitary once more. We are the pest control experts with the most comprehensive service package around. From preparation and application to clean up and follow up, we will take care of all of your pest control needs from start to finish.

Have a pest control problem? We can help!

With over twenty years of experience in superior pest control management, preparation and clean up services, we are your premiere pest control provider. Our use of innovative technologies, environmentally safe products and a commitment to customer satisfaction ensure that your experience with Pest Preppers is the best. Contact us to learn about how we will efficiently and effectively pest-proof your home. Visit for all of your insect and pest removal needs.

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