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We Can Solve Your Bedbug Problem!

Bedbugs in Bed

Living creatures are very innovative; one certainty that we routinely observe is that life will find a way to grow and adapt to changing circumstances in order to survive. Most of the time, this is a wonderful tribute to the strength and resilience of life.

Sometimes, this changing and adaptation is not a good thing. In the case of pest control problems, the fact that all sorts of species adapt and learn to thrive despite their adverse conditions means that there may be pests that manage to avoid extermination.

Bedbugs are one such species. They have managed to genetically mutate almost one hundred times in the past two decades, putting a serious damper on any efforts by us humans to exterminate them.

Studies done on bedbugs in the US conclude that bedbugs have now become alarmingly resistant to neonicotinoids, the chemicals exterminators use that were once thought to effectively deal with this pest control problem. Samples taken from homes in Cincinnati and Michigan indicated that the bugs had become alarmingly immune to standard doses of extermination chemicals, in some cases needing additional treatments up to one thousand times stronger in order to be exterminated. With these genetic mutations ensuring that all forms of life remain on our planet, we need to look at alternative forms of extermination that do not require the use of our standard chemicals.

Bedbugs: A Pervasive Population Problem

Because of a growing population and an affinity for international travel, bedbug infestation of common areas and hotels everywhere is becoming a problem that can no longer be ignored. Sufferers wake up from what they think is a good night’s sleep with redness, irritation, and welts all over their bodies that defy any other explanation. Infestation spreads to homes and offices as these travelers take little hitchhikers with them in search of hosts. Once a home or building has become infested, it is extremely difficult to get rid of bedbugs entirely, as some bugs are able to survive for a year or longer without actively feeding.

Once thought under control with the use of DDT and other dangerous chemicals, there was an emerging population of insects that defied the odds and became resistant to the chemicals being used in extermination. This prompted exterminators to alter their chemical cocktails, hoping to find the perfect solution to what seemed to be a resurgence in bedbug activity. It was determined pretty quickly that additional use of chemicals would be toxic to humans as well; surely there had to be a solution that would eliminate the problem of bedbugs while preserving the health of those suffering from an infestation.

Revolutionizing Pest Control

Exterminators, scientists, and pest control experts began looking for alternatives to chemicals as a means of eliminating the now chemically-resistant bed bugs. New tools such as heat, vapor, and encasement were tried and successfully implemented in most cases, although there remained a rate of failure that needed to be addressed.

Pest Preppers: Pest Control That Works!

Pest Preppers has the market cornered on effective bedbug extermination. With our innovative preparation, treatment and clean-up methods, we make the problem of bedbug infestation merely a memory for you and your family. Our service protocol does not rely on chemicals, but rather biological control and targeted heat with steam that kills all stages of bedbugs. With a powerful combination of tools like the Cimex Eradicator and Aprehend products, we safely and effectively remove all bedbugs and their residue from your home. These materials are designed to penetrate the entire bedbug population from the inside; they permeate their outer shells with a fungal infection that grows within the bug’s body, killing it between three to seven days. We provide full preparation services and clean-up, ensuring that your home is returned to its clean and healthy state once more without the use of toxic chemicals or harsh substances that might put you and your family at risk.

If you are experiencing symptoms of bedbug infestation, there is no need to suffer. Our pest control services are the best in the industry; give us a call and we will do what it takes to eliminate your infestation. Visit today to eradicate your pest problem and reclaim your home!

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