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6 Tips To Keep Your Home Pest Free During Hurricane Season

Florida Hurricane

Hurricane season is nearing, and with it come unique challenges to keeping your home safe and protected from the elements. One thing that many people fail to stay on top of during this turbulent season is the increased frequency of pest infestations that can overtake your living space, making cleanup and return to normal life even more difficult.

Downed trees, stagnant pools of water, and other after-storm conditions force certain species of bugs, insects, rodents, and other critters to seek more stable living conditions. Much of this migration takes place in the hours, days, and weeks immediately following a disastrous storm. In order to protect yourself and your home against these unwelcome house guests, follow these simple tips for keeping your home clean and pest free during hurricane season:

Amp up pre-storm pest control efforts

Conduct interior and exterior inspections of your house to determine if you have points of entry that bugs might use to infiltrate your home. Seal up cracks and holes around windows, doors, entry steps, and along the foundation to ensure that your home stays pest free even after the storms have passed. Pest breeding sites like garbage cans and mulch should be moved away from the house to discourage gatherings, and regular inspections of both the interior and exterior of the house should be performed after the storm is over to ensure that no unwelcome guests are entering in.

Drain standing water, and eliminate areas where water can collect and become stagnant

One might think that wind, rain, and other destructive conditions would effectively wipe out mosquito populations, but the standing stagnant water that remains after storms is the perfect breeding ground for more biting pests. Mosquitoes only need about half an inch of water in which to breed; doing what you can to eliminate these pools of water will ensure that you don’t have additional inconveniences to deal with when the full impact of your clean up requirements is made known.

Get rid of garbage, food, and damaged items to deter rodents

Spoiled food is an ideal breeding ground for flies, and extended power outages cause issues with food spoilage that can invite these unwelcome insects into your home. Food waste and clutter can also attract rodents such as mice and rats that are also seeking safer shelter at this time. While waiting for sanitation services to resume once more, practice removing garbage and clutter from your home and placing in sealed bags far away from your house. In doing so, you will reduce the likelihood that you will pick up hitchhikers looking for a place to stay.

Assess water damage to minimize ant and termite infestations

Rotten wood can attract troublesome termites; these insects love to burrow into soft wood and start chewing away at floors and support beams in your home. Over time, their effects can be quite destructive as they weaken the structure and integrity of your residence. Ants can be equally as bothersome; they often will seek higher ground due to excess water saturation, seeking shelter inside with you and your family. Do what you can to remove rotten debris, fix any leaking or broken pipes in and around your house, and make sure that your property is sloping away from the home to ensure that additional water damage is not sustained.

Check for openings caused by structural damage

The high wind, rain, and hail associated with storms can inflict some serious damage to your home. In addition, this inclement weather can also displace wildlife; raccoons, mice, rats, and squirrels seek shelter in safer structures like yours. If you find after a storm that your home has sustained damage, do what you can to fix compromised areas as soon as possible. Seal up any holes around doors and windows with steel wool as an insurance policy against new pest infestation.

Contact a professional pest control service for an inspection

If you have any uncertainty about whether your home has been infested, seek professional help and advice from qualified professionals. Pest Preppers has over twenty-five years of experience in inspecting, diagnosing, treating and cleaning up infestations of all kinds. Whether your problem has been the result of adverse weather conditions or if you have dealt with unwelcome critters for some time, our comprehensive pest control service provides you with preparation, treatment, and clean up procedures that will leave your home pristine and pest free. Don’t try to deal with storm damage and pest infestation alone; call us! Visit to experience a clean house and peace of mind once more!


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