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Bedbug Spring Travel Tips


Spring is FINALLY here, and with the welcome arrival of warm weather, many of us find ourselves itching to take advantage of good weather and easy travel by getting out of town. Before putting those bags down in a sunny location, think about this---do you want an unsavory hitchhiker packing his bags and traveling back home with you, only to ransack your home and take advantage of you as a host?

Bedbugs are excellent hitchhikers; taking up residence in your bags, clothing, and other personal items as you travel from place to place. If you are not careful, then good memories and tanned skin are not the only things you will be hauling back home with you after travel.

The Bedbug: An Excellent Hitchhiker

Bedbugs may not be able to fly, but that doesn’t stop them from hiding in boxes, suitcases, shoes that you leave strewn about during your excursions. They are known for their ability to survive for short periods of time in transient environments, and they quickly take up residence in your home in beds, linens, and closets full of clothing. They prove their resiliency by lying dormant for many months until a viable host comes along, then they gorge themselves on human blood and leave telltale marks behind on linens, skin, and clothing. Once they do take up residence, it is very difficult to remove them without professional assistance.

While most people assume that the primary hotbed for bedbug infestation is a hotel, the reality is that infestation is even more prevalent in homes and apartment buildings. People using home sharing vacation venues like Airbnb should still be on the lookout for pesky critters trying to stow away in your belongings. Regardless of where you do stay, there are some tips to follow to ensure that you remain bug-free for your entire vacation:

● Upon arrival at your destination and before unpacking, thoroughly inspect your room or home. Look behind headboards, in and around light fixtures, and even inside cupboards and on upholstered items like sofas and chairs to ensure bugs have not taken up residence.

● Thoroughly inspect all bedding, mattresses, and linens. Pull back sheets and look in crevices and around corners for telltale signs of “peppering” and residue left behind by feasting bedbugs. If they are present, you will see evidence of rust-colored spotting where unfortunate victims have been bitten before you.

● Place all suitcases and belongings into a sealable trash bag for the duration of your trip to ensure that no bugs enter into your personal effects for the duration of your stay.

● Never place luggage, towels, or clothing on upholstered items. The safest place to store your suitcase is in the middle of a tiled floor or on a luggage rack that has been inspected prior to placement. Do not use a luggage rack if it has hollow legs, as bugs may have taken up residence inside.

It may seem like too much prep work to maintain all of this during your vacation, but the cost of not monitoring it will be far greater and far more inconvenient if you do pick up an infestation along the way.

Home Sweet Home

No matter how carefully you regulate your belongings on vacation, it’s always a good idea to exercise caution when returning home from your trip. Here are some things you can do to minimize the risk of infestation from unwelcome travelers:

● Inspect all luggage thoroughly before bringing it back into your house.

● Vacuum your suitcase or steam clean completely before storing it. Steamers are ideal because they can kill any bugs or eggs that have gotten into your belongings.

● Wash and dry all of your clothes, including ones that haven’t been worn, in a hot cycle.

● Keep all dry-cleaned clothes in sealed plastic bags until they can be professionally cleaned.

Bedbug Hitchhikers? We Can Help!

If you suspect that you have a bedbug infestation on your hands as a result of recent travel, Pest Preppers can help. Providing custom preparation, elimination and clean up according to your needs, we will eradicate your bed bug infestation and leave your home clean and bug-free once more. Pest Preppers uses a unique combination of environmentally friendly products and pressurized steam cleaning, eliminating both eggs and active populations. With Pest Preppers working for you, all of your pest problems are a thing of the past. Contact us immediately to learn about how we will rid your home of all types of rodents, insects, and other unwelcome guests. Visit today!


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