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Pest Control Advice When Buying A New Home

Keys To a New Home

Few moments in life can top the excitement of buying a new home. To ensure that everything goes smoothly during this transitional time in your life, specific steps must be taken to protect you, your precious family, and your belongings. Regardless of any cosmetic changes that you might want to make on your new residence, it is essential to look and account for potential problems that aren’t readily apparent to the naked eye. One of these things to look for is pest infestation.

If a home has been dormant or unoccupied for several months, there will likely be issues with pest infestation. Bedbugs, mice, termites, spiders, and other unsavory creatures may have taken up residence there before you took ownership of the property. You must take action to avoid trying to set up a home amidst a pest infestation. To avoid coming face to face with unwelcome visitors upon move-in, take these steps to prevent pest infestation of your new property:

Get a pest inspection before move-in

Before signing any paperwork assuming ownership of a new property, it is important not only to do a thorough home inspection, but to add a pest infestation inspection to your list of things to do as well. Call a reputable pest control company in your new home area and ask them to do a walkthrough of your new property, checking for inconsistencies in the foundation, the interior, and exterior of the home. If they indicate that there are areas where pests may have entered and infested your home, consider employing their services to take care of the infestation before moving in.

Make repairs as necessary

If you find that there are inconsistencies and issues with your siding, your roof, or your foundation, take steps to repair these weaknesses that can fast become points of entry for pests. Mice and other rodents love to take up residence in woodpiles that are near a home’s foundation; they will seek entry to your home as the weather turns colder. Smaller pests such as spiders, bugs, termites, and bedbugs will also turn to your home for survival. They will look for holes, cracks, and missing seals in and around the siding, roofline, and foundation of your home. Rest assured, if there is a point of entry, they will find it. If you are not adept at making these repairs, call in professionals to do the job for you. The last thing you need when moving into your new home is having to share it with unwelcome pests.

Clean your property of standing water and yard debris

Standing water quickly attracts all sorts of insects, while loose branches, grass clippings, and other yard debris are the perfect hiding place for them as well. Keep your yard clean and free from both water and yard waste, and it will be hard for them to find enough cover to set up residence at your new home.

Call in the professionals to take care of infestations that you find

If you do find that your new home is laden with unwelcome guests, call us! At Pest Preppers, we employ cutting edge pest control techniques using environmentally safe agents. Our fully qualified pest control professionals prepare, treat, and clean your residence until it is completely free from unwanted pests, no matter what kind of issue you find yourself dealing with. Moving day should be a joyous and exciting time--help us make that happen for you. For more information on setting up an inspection and consultation of your new property, visit us at Enjoy your new, pest-free home!


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