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Bees: Friend or Foe?

Summer is upon us, and with the excitement and heat of the new season come all of the wonders of life and nature’s bounty. Unfortunately, for those creatures who attempt to cohabitate with us humans, it can be inconvenient to discover that rodents, insects, and other pests have taken up residence in or near our homes, making it difficult and even dangerous to be in the same area.

Bees: Friend or Foe?

When it comes to bee infestation, many homeowners are hesitant to call in an exterminator to deal with them, as there is information out there to suggest that they are an endangered species. With the delicate balance of nature demanding that bees help support the foundation of the creation of life on this earth, is it any wonder that we are hesitant to call their bluff?

The reality of infestation in our state is that the majority of wild bees are Africanized bees, or killer bees, as they are more commonly known. Contrary to many media reports, there is a surplus of both Africanized bees and honey bees in this geographical area, and there is no real threat to the survival of either species as we attempt to remove them from residential homes and areas that they could pose a potential threat of harm to people and animals.

Infestation: Posing A Threat To Families And Their Homes

A bee colony can contain anywhere from 8000 to over 60,000 bees at any given time. Bee colonies have an extremely sophisticated caste system; they can communicate orders and changes in activity down the line in mere minutes. This is bad news if the queen becomes agitated or angered--she will dispatch thousands of angry and defensive bees at a moment’s notice to do her bidding. Even honey bees have the potential to become aggressive and violent; they too have venom capable of irritating the skin, causing painful welts to form, and worsening symptoms if it is determined that an individual is allergic to bee stings. In many cases, a person does not know that they are allergic to bee venom until a severe allergic reaction has occurred; doing damage control after a medical emergency is never preferred over taking proper precautions to avoid stings in the first place.

When Do I Need To Call In Expert Help?

It is advisable to call in professional exterminators if any of the following conditions occur:

Bees seem to be everywhere. In late summer into early fall, it is quite common to see an increase in the number of bees swarming about, particularly if there is food nearby. However, if you seem to be swarmed every time you go outside, it is likely that there is a colony nearby. If you or other family members have concerns about being stung, it will be necessary to call in professionals to assess any potential threat that may exist.

Bees are inside your home. If you are seeing bees inside your house, it is likely that the colony is closer than you want it to be. They could be taking up residence in your attic, inside your walls, or in recessed areas of your roof that provide shade and shelter. Call in someone who specializes in hive removal, and be prepared to be out of the area while the extermination is taking place.

Hives are located in busy spots around your house. Any time a colony is present in or around a busy spot where there is a lot of activity, there is an increased chance of people being stung. Doing what you can to clear the area of potential confrontations will protect you and your precious family from bee stings.

Someone has an allergy to bees. Reactions to bee stings can be sudden and severe. In some cases, excess bee venom can cause someone to go into anaphylaxis, a state of respiratory distress that can cause a person to stop breathing. Don’t take any chances; if you or someone in your family has a known bee allergy, call in a professional to remove the hive at once.

Need Professional Extermination Advice? Call Us!

Any pest infestation can be a source of frustration and anxiety; we understand that keeping your home and your family free from pest-related issues is a top priority. We are the best of the best; with advanced techniques for preparation, elimination, and clean-up, we provide comprehensive pest control and removal service that will fix your infestation issue for good. If you are tired of dodging those buzzing bees, contact us today for a consultation. Visit for all of your pest control needs!


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