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Fun Facts About Insects and Pests

Ants crawling up the wall

Are you bugging out? Whether it’s ants in your kitchen or crickets in your living room, bugs are everywhere. The tiny pests you find in your home might not be welcome, but Pest Preppers can help with that. Here are some fun facts about bugs that you probably didn’t know.


Cockroaches can live up to a week without its head. They would survive for longer than that except, without the ability to drink water, they die of thirst.

…and they’re fast

A cockroach can run up to three miles per hour!


Ants do not chew their food in the traditional sense. Instead, they move their jaws sideways, similar to a pair of scissors.


Cricket’s ears on located on the front of their legs, just below the knees.


Rats are well-known scavengers. In fact, every year they contaminate enough food to feed two hundred million people.

…but they don’t live long

Most rats die before they turn one year old.


Termites love rock music! In fact, they eat through wood two times faster when rocking out to some tunes.


The common housefly has taste buds on its feet.


Bees may fly up to sixty miles in a day.

…and they kill their queens

Well, not maliciously. When a honey bee queen begins to die, she emits a pheromone that makes her smell unrecognizable to the colony bees and they will kill her.


Fleas may be tiny, but they can jump up to one hundred and thirty times their height.

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